Making your life easier through the property development journey

  • Site Acquisition

    Through its large network of local real estate agents, buyers agents and developers, Bespoke Development Management and Strategy accesses development sites from an array of sources.

  • Due Diligence

    Accurate due diligence is critical to identifying the success of any project. Bespoke Development Management and Strategy will conduct detailed investigations in unison with architects, engineers. town planners, builders and local government to determine yield and identify site opportunities / constraints and finally collate data acquired into a project feasibility  to present to the client.

  • Design Coordination

    We tailor quality consultant teams to ensure a streamlined process through town planing and onto the subsequent detailed design and operational works.

  • Construction Liaison

    Coordination of building and civil contracting tenders, contract negotiation and management of the construction phase.

  • Finance, Marketing, Sales and Establishment of Body Corporate

    Recommendation and coordination of valuer, quantity surveyor, marketing agent and body corporate establishment.

  • Plan Sealing

    Coordinate and collate all required project documentation to ensure title and subsequent settlement is achieved in a optimal timeframe.

The correct application of the above six procedures forms the basis of the “Purchase Right, Design Right, Construct Right and Complete Right” Philosophy.